Virtual Boot Camp Module 22 Preview

Virtual Boot CampThe Travel Consultant’s Guide to Mobile Technology

Not so long ago, smart phones and tablets were new and unfamiliar. Today, with more than half of US adults carryings one (or more), chances are that travel consultants are part of the same statistics. And with good reason. All the gadgets and gizmos are going along on virtually every business trip and vacation. Most importantly: your clients expect you to help them stay connected on the trip.

You’ll learn what defines a “smart phone” and how to keep them connected without it costing a fortune. You’ll learn about data roaming, voice roaming, and how to overcome outrageous international (and cruise ship) roaming fees. We’ll also take a tour of the top devices in each of the main categories.

Through it all, we’ll avoid as much “geek speak” as possible and focus on what and why travel-consultants need to know. While it’s not a “beginner” course, we’ll approach it all in an easy to understand way. You’ll not only learn to help your clients, you just might help yourself for your next vacation!

Video Preview