Our Mission

As the name of our company implies, we have passionate objective:  teach travel professionals to become future proof in their businesses and careers.

Building a Future-Proof Travel Industry

Founded in 1999, we help travel professionals how to thrive in an ever-changing industry. We provide webinars, videos, seminars as well as speaking at live events of all sizes. We offer programs for travel consultants, agency owners, managers, supplier sales professionals and executives. We work with the industry’s top associations, franchises and consortia.

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Nolan Burris Speaking

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Nolan Burris

Our founder Nolan is an author, former travel agent, failed musician and self-professed techno-geek. He’s also an in-demand international speaker. He travels around the world teaching others how to create success in their lives and businesses.

Nolan is the founder and President of Future Proof Travel Solutions, based in Vancouver, Canada. He originally came to Vancouver during the heyday of the “dot com” boom to serve as Vice President of Information Technologies for a global travel franchise and now calls the amazing city his home. Nolan believes that while technology is a critical part of business, you should learn to use it, instead of the other way around.

As an author, Nolan wrote the book Visionistics – The Process of Success with the idea that if you can change the way business works, you’ll change the world. Its goal is to deliver a simple way of creating sustained success while spreading the message of integrity and ethics to a techno-driven world. As an industry and motivational speaker, Nolan has spoken around the world to audiences ranging from small groups to those in the thousands.

Nolan Burris Speaking

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Visionistics, The Process of Success by Nolan Burris


Nolan has a keen interest in helping to create a better world.  He formed his company with the idea that if you can change the way business works, you could change everything.

His top-selling book “Visionistics – The Process of Success” is available on Amazon.com, in the iBook Store, on the Kindle and in audio format in iTunes.


Just a few of our clients

We work with many of the most recognizable and respected names in the travel industry.  From small personal operations to large multinational operations, travel agencies to travel industry suppliers and tourist associations, we strive to help all of them become “future-proof.”

A Few of Our Clients

 Private Group Webinars

Group webinars are an effective alternative to in-person events. Using the GoToWebinar system (or the system of your choice), we can bring the training to you.

Individual Webinars

We also regularly present affordable webinars for individuals, often offered or sponsored by well-known industry suppliers or associations. 

Video Production & Custom Programs

Our professional video production offers on-demand convenience and a high return on investment. From custom courses to sponsored versions of our core programs we provide a wide variety of solutions. Our simple royalty-free agreement allows you to distribute the video to your group or host it on your web server with no additional licensing fees.